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    SMARTBLEND Biodiesel is a clean burning alternative fuel produced from
domestic, renewable resources. It contains no petroleum, but it can
be blended at any level with diesel to create a biodiesel blend. It can be
used in compressor ignition (diesel) engines with no modifications. This
revolutionary fuel not only burns cleaner (eliminating fuel deposits) but
also improves lubricity. Smartblend Biodiesel is simple to use, biodegradable,
non-toxic and essentially free of sulfur and aromatics.
  BENEFITS :      
  + Reduce Emssions Studies show that
biodiesel can reduce emission of particulate
matter by approx. 47% compared to ordinary
diesel. Unburned hydrocarbons and carbon
monoxide are also significantly reduced. This
means dense black smoke and bad odor from
your diesel engines will be gone.
  + Higher Cetane Equates to Better Mileage & Payload Performance Cetane is to diesel, as octance is to
gasoline. It is a measure of the fuel's ignitability.
Higher cetane provides easier starts, quieter operation
and a more complete burn which may result in an increase
in fuel mileage by as much as 20% and higher torque
+ Prolongs Engine Life
SMARTBLEND can improve lubricity which is the key to engine
performance. This prevents moving parts, especially fuel
pumps, from wearing prematurely.
*Higher value means better lubricity
  + Easy to Use

Runs in stock diesel vehicles.

No engine modification and no new equipment are
necessary. Biodiesel can be preblended in diesel fuel
storage tanks or added during filling.

1. SMARTBLEND is added directly to the gas tank as it
    blends easily with diesel.
    (e.g. 1 liter SMARTBLEND, 20 liters DIESEL)
    (e.g. 200 ml SMARTBLEND, 20 liters DIESEL)

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