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A roaring company which makes customers never stand alone in this fast-paced changing technology and demanding
market needs. Customers are Lion's most important purpose since we value the opportunity to serve them. Lion is
customer-centered and we make sure of our effort to constantly improve our services, updates loyalty and long-
standing relationships. We continue to invest in our people, laboratory equipment, and plant equipmentto satisfy
customer needs and marketing implementations.


Lion has been the foremost backbone and mother company of a family-owned corporation which was established more
than 30 years ago. It started in the textile industry and its fast-paced growth gave birth to other group of companies in
the paint, printing ink and food industries.

Lion's goal has been to develop and manufacture world-class custom formulated specialty chemical products for various
applications. These include textile chemicals, adhesives, plastic compounds, paint and ink raw materials, fiberglass resins,
powder coatings and biofeds. Indeed, what makes Lion a formidable roaring company is its thrust towards putting
customers foremost and knowing customers is the purpose of their work.


Our philosophy is based upon supporting and extending each customer's needs focusing on R&D, Marketing, and
Customer Service. Being there for our customers mean Lion is always ready for new developments and their changing needs. Lion's technical staff are well-trained to be continuously updated on new developments. To effect this, our laboratory equipments and technology are constantly updated so that our R & D department can provide excellent service.

Our roaring mission is a commitment to quality, reliability, service, and customer satisfaction. We assure our customers
that we will meet their demands and help each other go further to the distance.


Philippine Association of Paint Manufacturers (PAPM)
Philippine Association of Printing Ink Manufacturers (PAPIM)
Adhesive Manufacturers Association of the Philippines (AMAPI)

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